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Who We Are ?

The Dot Creatives is a unique, creative agency with vast retail experience, specializing in fashion, lifestyle, and the arts. Dot Creatives provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop for retail, marketing, brand, and media services.

Our mission is to help our clients to build a strong brand image. We believe that this is the foundation for all future success. We only work with brands we love, which almost always ensures a successful union with our clients.

Our Services

Visual Merchandising

Window Design

Set Design

Retail Interior Design

Styling & Art Direction

Commercial Photography

Commercial Videography

Digital Marketing

Ecommerce Solutions

How Things Flow -

The Subway

track designed to get clarity fast.
  • Join your administration group
  • Accomplish brand arrangement
  • Locate the “big thought”
  • Characterize your strength
  • spread your market

The Strategy

A scope for your brand’s development.
  • Explain reason and vision
  • Frame basic beliefs
  • Characterize who, what, how
  • Claim brand position
  • Define the adage
  • Know your prime example
  • Craft attributes

The Content

A word identity to distinguish your Brand.
  • Set the theme
  • Define verbal persona
  • Compose brand story
  • Make informing pack
  • deliver content rules

The Visuals

A visual toolkit to create your total brand experience.
  • Draft creative brief
  • Develop style boards
  • Define art direction
  • Design brand identity
  • Create graphic elements
  • Develop brand guide